AAA Board and Subcommittees

The Board of Directors

Paula Martin – Chairman – Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust (email: )

Patrick Peal – Vice Chair – East Anglian Air Ambulance

Jane Gurney – Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust

Andy Moir – Scottish Ambulance Service Foundation Trust

Graham Chalk – London Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Jonathan Jenkins – London’s Air Ambulance

The Association is managed by:

Andy Scriven – Corporate Liaison, Events and Association Officer

Ed Pajak – Association Administrator

Becky Steele – HEMS Development Manager

The Subcommittees of the Board of Directors

The Association has three specialist subcommittees and a Management Subcommittee, all coordinate work streams and develop draft policy for consideration by the AAA Board of Directors:

Clinical Subcommittee

Gareth Davies – Chair – London’s Air Ambulance (email:

Paul Owen –  Vice Chair – Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Charity

The Clinical Subcommittee is made up of the clinical leads from all members, both doctor and paramedic led.  The group have worked on Perinatal and Paediatric air transport policy, guidance standard operating procedures and shared best practice.  Its aim is very much to improve patient outcomes.

Charity Subcommittee

Jason Levy – Vice Chair – Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

The Charity Subcommittee is made up of the charity leads from each member; it allows best practice to be shared across the AAA and where necessary to develop policy that can be fed into lobbying activities. It is sign posting best practice and aims to continually share knowledge. It is not about establishing a fundraising platform and should not be confused by the sister organisations the Association of Air Ambulances (Charity) Ltd. If you are interested in the AAAC please click either donate in the top of your screen or click here.

Management Subcommittee

The Management Subcommittee, which reports to the Board of Directors is made up of senior managers from member organisations. The committee brings together members to ensure the “messages” of the Association is communicated, discussed and taken forward such work streams as the Key Issues of the Association, Press Activity, Airway and subjects such as the benefits of membership.  The committee debates the commercial operations of the Association, including the subscriptions and other incomes streams such as the AAA’s Conference and non-profit activities including the Awards of Excellence. They work together to ensure best practice across the industry and that the Association communicates with others in an effective and professional manner.

Operations Subcommittee

Nigel Hare –  Vice Chair – South Western Ambulance Service Foundation Trust

The Operations Subcommittee is made up of the operational heads of all members; it allows best practice to be shared across all operations of an air ambulance. Once this is established the committee aims to continually improve efficiency in the operation of air ambulances through shared knowledge, statistics and best practice, model documents have been developed to aid improved efficiency.


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