Strategy, Vision & Objectives

Vision Statement

‘The AAA’s vision is to improve patient outcomes through the provision of outstanding services to its members’

Mission Statement

“The Association will provide a platform of representation as the authoritative voice for the UK air ambulance community to governments, legislators, supporters and the general public. It delivers services that will aid the operation of each full member, ensuring the unique characteristic of each member can benefit from the association and bring tangible returns on the members’ subscription.”



  • To represent all Air Ambulances Services to Governments (National and Devolved), legislators and the public.

  • To lobby specific subjects or projects to third parties.

  • To provide a national conduit to large national organisations who wish to support local air ambulances where otherwise the support would be lost (not directly fundraising in competition with members).

  • To publish reference works focusing on best practice within the sector inspiring excellence.


  • To act as a central resource for excellence, allowing air operations, clinical and charitable activities to be compared in an open uncompetitive manner.

  • To provide a range of services that saves members money or improves the operation of their organisations.

  • To deliver a buyers platform aiming to aid innovation and the acquisition of equipment / services.

Communications and Networking

  • To create a number of members meetings open to the sector allowing open dialogue across several agendas.

  • To establish a communications policy that ensures members, non-members and associated third parties are fully aware of the AAA agenda and work streams.

  • To provide a platform that showcases excellence in the Air Ambulance Community.

Finance and Governance

  • To ensure the association is run in an open and accountable manner.

  • To ensure the association is best value to its members.

  • To provide an example of best practice.

  • To be a professional association that leads by example within the sector.

  • To be financially sustainable.