Judging Process

Each of our awards have a one page set of criteria on which the judges will make their decisions.

Nominations must be submitted to the Independent Secretary to the Judges via awardssectretary@aoaa.org.uk no later than 5pm on 1st September 2017. Nominations must be made using the Nomination Application form format available on the Nominate Now page.

Any submissions that do not meet the nomination procedure or category criteria will not be considered for formal judging.

Our Judges are (subject to change without prior notice):

  • Jim Fitzpatrick MP – Chair
  • Steve Irving, Association of Ambulance Chief Executives
  • Tim Fauchon, British Helicopter Association
  • Mark Docherty, West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
  • Debra Allcock-Tyler, Directory of Social Change

The Judges will meet and review each of the nominations for each award. Please note that the judging panel reserves the right to not proceed with an award should no nominations meet the requisite standard. The judges can ask for further information from a nomination to aid in the decision making.

Awards will be issued as follows:

  • Winner
  • Highly commended – for an exceptional entry

Our Guiding Principles

The Awards will be judged independently, objectively and wholly impartially. Judges will give their personal views, which are not necessarily the views of their organisation, and respect the views of the other judges.

The Awards will be easy to enter and will be judged by independent experts who are distinguished in their field and value high standards of integrity. The judging panel is held to the highest standard of independence, fairness and integrity.

Ensuring Impartiality

All efforts will be made to avoid conflicts of interest in the judging process. All judges will uphold our guiding principles (see above) and recuse themselves from judging an entry that may present a conflict of interest.

The Association of Air Ambulances Ltd owns and hosts the annual Air Ambulance Awards of Excellence. However, the Air Ambulance Awards of Excellence are judged entirely independently of the AAA and adhere to the highest standards of independence, fairness and integrity.

The names of the winners will remain confidential until announced at the awards ceremony.