Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) launched its life-saving operation in 2013.

Based centrally at Perth Airport, the distinctive EC135 T2i helicopter is ideally located to respond to time-critical emergencies all over Scotland – a country which accounts for a third of the UK landmass, over 100 islands and some of the most remote communities in Europe.

Scotland’s first and only charity-funded air ambulance helicopter flies as and when tasked through the 999 service.

Scotland’s busy and dangerous trunk and rural road network, agricultural and other high-risk industries and rural, leisure and sporting pursuits, all offer the potential for time-critical emergencies.

Add to that the number of cardiac and stroke patients for whom rapid intervention is essential and you have the day-to-day workload profile of the frontline airborne team which responds effectively and efficiently, flying charity-funded vital emergency frontline clinical care straight to the heart of communities

SCAA has proved a vital part of the national emergency response framework and a valuable cog in the 999 machine.

Relying totally on charitable giving, SCAA is the People’s Helicopter – funded by the people of Scotland for the people of Scotland. The reason they can fly fast, save lives and tend those most in need is down to their nationwide network of supporters.

Every day, people throughout Scotland are working tirelessly to fundraise the £2 million required each year to keep the life-saving service in the air.